2010 Dr. Toy Best Summertime Play and Learn Products Award

This is what the judges had to say: “The fresh and crisp sound of More Story Songs & Sing Alongs comes from Debbie Cavalier’s deep understanding of what works with kids and is influenced by the trailblazers who influenced her songwriting. Her creative approach to sharing music with children comes through in this spirited collection.”

2010 NAPPA Honors Award

This is what the judges had to say: “How do you follow your first award-winning album? Why, follow up with a second one equally good! Quality tunes, good musicians and Debbie’s voice makes for a winner once again. The overall production of the album is terrific, with Debbie’s strong vocals out front of a tight band and even tighter harmonies. “Home Run Ronnie” is a highly entertaining song about a young lad who wins a baseball game at the bottom of the ninth inning and his post-game interview is priceless. “Rosie Wrong Rhyme,” a sweet little ballad that’s sure to become a kid fave, is a song in which Debbie gets the rhyme wrong and the audience has to correct it. This album is a winner!.”

2010 Boston Children’s Music Award

Boston Children’s Music announced the Second Annual BCM Awards this week and Debbie & Friends won an award as one of their new CDs for 2010! Thank you, Boston Children’s Music! It’s wonderful to be listed with such a great roster of kids/family musicians!

2011 CBS Boston Best Local Children’s Musician

We are honored to be in the great company of our friends and neighbors SteveSongs, Ben Rudnick and Friends, Bill Harley, Vanessa Trien, and the Flannery Brothers with this award! Thank you CBS Boston!


Debbie & Friends DVD Story Songs and Sing Alongs has been honored with by the National Parenting Publications AWards with a NAPPA Gold Award. Here’s a link to more information.

2011 Grammy Award Winner: Best Children’s Album

Debbie & Friends has a song on All About Bullies…Big and Small, the 2011 Grammy Award-winning CD for Best Children’s Album. We’re grateful to share this amazing honor with so many artists who donated their songs/tracks to address this important issue.